Thank you to all our sponsors for the 2022 Women in Sport Congress:

Melbourne IVF is one of the world’s leading centres for fertility treatment who are at the forefront of research and technology. With more than 35 years of experience, Melbourne IVF has demonstrated excellence in fertility and IVF research.

Melbourne IVF patients have access to some of Australia’s leading Fertility Specialists, who along with researchers and scientists who continue to make breakthroughs in fertility treatments and techniques, continually improving outcomes for our patients and maximising their chance of having a healthy baby.

Childcare sponsorship for WISC 22

‘Australian-based label, Bared Footwear is dedicated to designing shoes that are good for you and our planet. Designed by podiatrists, every pair is fitted with a unique biomechanical footbed and hidden support features your feet will love.

Proud to be Australia’s first B Corp certified footwear label, the brand is dedicated to sourcing sustainable materials, empowering disadvantaged communities and recycling shoes to ensure they don’t end up in landfill.

Lower-limb related health professionals receive an ongoing 25% off their entire range to experience their difference. Plus! Receive a unique referral code to share with your clients, offering 10% off when they shop with us.

Email Alysha Ferwerda at healthpro@bared.com.au to join the Bared community.’

VALD exists to help health and performance professionals to make better decisions.

VALD’s innovative human measurement technologies are used by over 1,000 of the world’s most elite sporting teams, clinics, universities, hospitals and defence departments.

Driven by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, sports scientists, designers, developers and engineers, VALD systems offer unparalleled insight into human movement, performance, injury risk and rehabilitation.

The VALD suite includes ForceDecks Dual Force Plate System, NordBord Hamstring Testing System, ForceFrame Strength Testing System, AirBands BFR Cuffs, HumanTrak Movement Analysis System and TeleHab Exercise Prescription App.

Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre was founded in 1988, to bring the then new techniques of arthroscopic reconstructive surgery to the sporting community. As well as pioneering arthroscopic reconstructive surgery in Western Australia, the clinic has expanded to include fellowship trained, Sub-specialist Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sports and Exercise Medicine Physicians. With the exception of spinal surgery, all aspects of Musculo-skeletal medicine are catered for.

Through its reputation, the clinic has attracted internationally trained orthopaedic surgeons to its fellowship programs for over twenty years.

We are very proud to support the Women in Sport Congress for 2022.


AFL W and AFL Physio association

The ACSEP is the pre-eminent professional body representing Sport and Exercise Physicians and Sport and Exercise Medicine in Australasia.

The ACSEP is dedicated to providing a robust training experience for its Registrars whilst advancing the skills of its members through evidence-based practice.