The themes for the Women in Sport Congress 2022 are shown below. Each theme will include:

  • Key note presentations
  • Free papers: research abstracts & case presentations
  • Panel discussions

Professor Kate Henne & Dr Pip Inge
  • Improving visibility on and off the field for all women and girls in sport
  • Making sporting environments inclusive and welcoming for all women and girls
  • Empowering and supporting women and girls in sport to participate, engage and lead

Key Notes: A/Prof Clare Minahan
  • Effect of menstrual health on wellbeing and performance
  • Effect of menstrual cycle phase and hormonal contraception on performance
  • Relationships between menstrual cycle, RED-S, athlete health and performance

Key Notes: Professor Louise Burke
  • Enhancing athletic performance for women and girls
  • Exploring ideal coaching practices for women and girls
  • Elite female athletes: Considerations for the high-performance environment

Key Notes: Professor Kate Ackerman & Professor Kay Crossley
  • Women and girls in sport – Who gets inured? How and Why?
  • Injury prevention for women and girls – What works best? How do we get started? Can we enhance adherence/involvement?
  • Injury rehab for women and girls – What works best? Do we need a different approach?

Key Notes: Dr Emma Beckman & Dr Rachel Harris
  • Supporting women and girls of all abilities
  • Keeping women and girls participating and succeeding in exercise and para-sports
  • Getting started in para-sport for practitioners

Key Notes: A/Prof Deidre McGee, Dr Jodie Dakic & Dr Melanie Heyman
  • Understanding the impact, mechanism and management of pelvic floor disorders in exercising women.
  • Bra fit, breast injuries and the importance of breast health
  • Pregnancy considerations, fertility conversations and the female athlete